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Chocolate Cake

german chocolate cake

A warm, gluten-free chocolate cake topped with a coconut & pecan filled frosting. This home-made favorite is sure to delight. See Phyllis in action and learn how to do it yourself!
"A Taste to Remember", 188 gluten-free recipes by Phyllis Pearson

A Taste to Remember

This book is like an old friend that takes you down memory lane. Filled with 188 gluten-free recipes from your childhood, now you can cook for your family without fear of getting “glutened.”

  • Flip through a treasure trove of recipes & tips.
  • Make home-cooked favorites that are gluten-free.
  • Avoid pricey pre-made foods & preservatives.
  • Get inspired with useful ideas & flavorful recipes.
"A Taste to Remember", 188 gluten-free recipes by Phyllis Pearson

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Starters – Hummas & Pitta Crisps

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Dessert – Chocolate Layer Cake

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I have tried a variety of recipes from this cookbook. As an Iowan farmer, I am used to good hearty food. Every recipe I’ve tried tastes like good “Down Home” food. I especially like the Minestrone Soup – It’s a winner!

Ron McLaughlin Grain Farmer

Chocolate Chip and Ginger Cookies by Phyllis are delicious. They're sweet and taste just like the cookies my grandma used to make. A party favorite and you feel so good eating them since they're gluten free. Tops of my list!

Allison BarberlaCollege Student, University of Northern Iowa

The Cream Puffs are absolutely delicious! The combination of the flakey pastry and the smooth cream filling drizzled with the chocolate is mouth-watering perfect!! They are one of a kind and truly amazing!

Kathryn FainOwner, Victoria Room Inc., Oh! So In Boutique

Phyllis’s food is delicious. She's truly the best cook I've known. I've so enjoyed every recipe she has shared with me.

Marlene LundThe Design Studio

Gumbo tastes as incredible as the original - who knew gluten free recipes could stay so true to the authentic look, consistency and Cajun flavor!

Chad PotratzMeat Specialist University Ave. HyVee Supermaket

Nothing reminds me more of Florida and our time in the Sunshine State than Key Lime Pie - so I was amazed that a gluten free recipe could pass the test. I actually prefer this recipe to the original! I shared it with friends and family without divulging it's secret - and they thought it was amazing! Definitely a keeper!

Kristena Aasburg Director of Residential and Community Sales, New Aldaya Lifescapes

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