Is Celiac Disease Caused By a Virus???

By November 4, 2019Science & Health

There is an interesting study about a link between a virus and a possible cause of Celiac Disease. Remember this is a study and this theory hasn’t been proven.

  1. 1. Why was this study conducted? Approximately, 30 percent Americans carry the gene that makes us more susceptible to Celiac but only 1 percent carries the disease. Why does some children develop Celiac and others don’t? According to Dr. Terence Durnody from the University Pittsburg, a viral infection could trigger Celiac Disease. This virus is called the reovirus and is not normally considered harmful among children in the very early stage of childhood.
  2. How was this study conducted? They exposed mice with the reovirus and introduced gluten at the same time. The immune system mistakes foods that contain gluten as dangerous; therefore developing symptoms of Celiac.
  3. More research needed? This study was done on mice and more research is needed to be done on children. Dr. ? and his team has received a grant from the National Institute of Health for further study. As with this study or any study it will take time to prove if there is a link between the reovirus and Celiac.
  4. What does this mean? If this theory is proven correct, young children who carry the gene for Celiac could be vaccinated for the reovirus and perhaps prevent the development this disease.

Whether this study is proven right or wrong, there is comfort knowing scientist are looking for a cause of this disease. And perhaps someday find a cure.

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